'boids', a swarm of individual objects, the 'boids'. each swarm member is about 25 cm long and made of wire frame and paper mache. the swarm currently comprises of around 90 individuals. the size of the installation and the number of swarm members included is variable.
('boids' is an artificial life program, which simulates the flocking behaviour of birds and other creatures, such as schools of fish or herds of animals)

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'hamshahriha', hamshahri means fellow citizen and hamshahriha is the plural form. in the iranian culture, the hamshahri is regarded almost like your close neighbour, even, if you don't know that person. the hamshahri is also a popular newspaper in tehran. my hamshahriha are entirely made from papermache of the hamshahri newspaper.

in the gallery i suspended them from the ceiling in different heights and in smaller groups or as singles. i confronted the visitors of the exhibition, the tehran hamshahriha, with my hamshahriha.

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