'exploded drawings'

the ’exploded drawings’ evolved from the previous project 'neon objects'. i had ordered another eight new neon objects, but then i saw the 41 separate elements spread out on my studio floor. it reminded me so much of an ’exploded drawing’ of a device in engineering, that i gave up the original idea to display the eight neon objects. instead i kept the elements separated and treated each as an equal individual element. i started to make site specific installations in changing constellations with these 41 neon elements. the number of involved elements varies and individual elements can be part of different installations. the title of the installation will be continuously numbered and show the year of the creation. the exploded_drawing.pdf includes a complete catalog of these neon elements.

download as exploded_drawings.pdf
and go to lw44_art_space, where i will post new constellations





the 'neon objects' are light drawings in red neon. the project started with long time exposure pictures of flashlight drawings in the dark. the glowing lines in these photographs made me immediately think of neon. in tehran i found a workshop specialized on neon signs, who exactly transformed my light drawings into red neon objects.

download as neon_objects.pdf