particles • random • swarm • rhythm • networks • evolution • communication • social • pods • accumulate • infection • group dynamics • foam • unite • trapped • repetition • movement • cells • coalition • border • clones • relations • pandemic • biodiversity • isolation • chaos • colonies • mould • encapsulate • contact • bastard • mycel • individual • divide • structures • correlation • races • dependent • behaviour • adaption • mutation • exchange • cycles • masses • antibodies • entangled • societies • entropy • decay • parasites • self-organizing •

macrocosm and microcosm. structures, organized or chaotic, relations of societies or may be just a look inside ourselves, since our body is host to trillions of bacteria, who influence our behaviour to a great extent. impressions of travelling the world and the 'cyber space'. the contrast of visual cacophony and natural harmony i encounter. these are just a few associations, thoughts, some influences, that resonate in my work.
however, when i paint, i paint and when i make an object, i make an object, i don't think about all this.


kuros nekouian, *1957, munich. lives and works in munich and tehran. 1978 - 1982 industrial design at ghk kassel. 1983-99 filmmaker. 1999-2003 editor of the e-zine since 2003 painting, objects and installation. since 2009 director and curator of lw44, art space. project space. studio space. 2010-15 member of the artist group rhythm section. 2011-15 member of the artist group the beautiful formula collective. exhibitions (selection): 2005, künstlerhaus münchen, munich. 2006, 798 red gate gallery, beijing. 2007 jahresausstellung kunstverein landshut, landshut. 2008, gallery golestan, tehran; urban jealousy, 1st int. roaming biennial of tehran, istanbul. 2009 first floor, munich; verein für originalradierung, munich. 2010 organisch, lw44, munich; wir arbeiten, ihr spinnt, house of artists, kiyv; auf, aus, mit papier, lw44, munich; sandkasten, munich; rhythm section im fruchthof, munich. 2011 the first cut is the deepest, instinc, singapore; äpfel & birnen, lw44, munich; dämonen & andere freunde, lw44, munich; rhythm section trifft tada und steve coleman, marstall, berg; rhythm section sieben, visarte, zurich. 2012 the beautiful formula collective (bfc), lw44, munich; bfc, westpol, leipzig; rhythm section, ica galleries, lasalle college of the arts, singapore; ornament & verbrechen, lw44, munich; hamshahriha, raf art gallery, tehran; rhythm section, modern art research institute, kiyv. 2013 rhythm section, lw44, munich; asia contemporary art show, hong kong; …fasten your seatbelts!, remise, zurich; rhythm and method, hubei museum of art, wuhan; bfc meets steve coleman & five elements, academy of fine arts, munich; münchen zeichnet, galerie der künstler, munich; bfc in st. paul, st. paul, munich; bfc, azad art gallery, tehran; bfc, university of tehran; rhythm section edition, planparallel, berliner liste. 2014 bfc, dzyga gallery, lviv; rhythm section edition, art karlsruhe, planparallel; gegen die wand, lw44, munich; rhythm section, westpol, leipzig; bfc, days of performance art, lviv; rhythm section, center of contemporary art, tbilisi; the beautiful formula syndicate, center of contemporary art, tbilisi. 2015 if chaos had a name, the invisible line gallery, london; rhythm & method, galerie der künstler, munich; dialog #01, lw44, munich.

hubei museum of art, wuhan, china; st. paul‘s church, munich, germany; tehran university, tehran, iran; center of contemporary art, tbilisi, georgia

private collections:
uk, iran, singapore, germany, the netherlands, usa

2006 red gate gallery, beijing
2007 red gate gallery, beijing
2011 instinc, singapore

"Tschador"-Kunst und die Klischees vom Orient, standard (10. juni 2013)
Subtile Dialoge mit China, sueddeutsche zeitung (15. juni 2015)


kuros nekouian
lindwurmstrasse 44
80337 münchen